Friday, December 2, 2011

Are the Adidas shooting shirts that NBA players wear during warm-ups available to the public?

I like the Adidas long-sleeve shooting shirts that the NBA players wear. I have searched online, and can't find any site that sells them. Are they available for sale to the general public? If so, can any of you point me to a site where I can purchase one, or a national sporting goods chain that sells them? I am particularly interested in the Charlotte shirt.

Thanks.|||I'm sure they are possible to get. But they are probobly not soldin stores. So here's what you do, if you have a Myspace, you find the Myspace of a player that wore it, and ask him about it. If u dont, you can find some way to call the NBA|||the addias store in irvine california has it ive bought a coulple of them myself|||does it have to be adidas? if not go to, click on store then aparrel. the shooting shirt is reebok.

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