Friday, December 2, 2011

How do you run with a sentry gun while its shooting in Black Ops ?

I see other people running with a sentry gun and its shooting. Is there a glitch where I can do that?|||Thats probably a bad glitch but other than that you can't run with one, you be better off with a machine gun and lightweight pro and slight of hand pro and marathon pro if you want to do something like that.|||You cannot run around with a sentry gun while it is shooting.

I believe what you are thinking of is the 'Death Machine'. This is a mini gun which is a randomly gained from a care package. The chances of getting one in a care package is 2%. With Hardline Pro the chance of getting one is 3% plus you can 'gamble' if you wish and see if you get a different killstreak or ammo from your care package by double tapping square. This greatly increases the odds of getting one. There are also rumours circulating that Treyarch in their next patch will make it an obtainable killstreak. This is highly unlikely however.

To end. They are totally beast.|||I have never seen this. Maybe someone was shooting from behind him to give that elusion. Or they are dropping it and picking it back up.|||you can only do that if you hack|||Its not possible. But yeahh, im sure its just a glitch..

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