Friday, December 2, 2011

What does it mean when you see a double shooting star?

What is the omen of when you see two shooting stars side by side? Does it have a special meaning?|||No, no special meaning, they are common. You could have seen one star, and it's flare making it look like two. But to answer your question about an "omen" (superstitions) - in ancient times, (especially in Asia) seeing shooting (falling) stars were thought to predict calamities and bad luck, and means something bad will follow. But others say good fortune will happen, and if you make a wish, it will come true. (thus the saying "wish upon a falling star")|||It means that a meteorite broke into two pieces as it passed through Earth's atmosphere, and each piece continued to burn as they traveled in roughly equivilent trajectories.

"What is the omen of when you see two shooting stars side by side? Does it have a special meaning?"

There is no such thing as an "omen" in the sense you are referring. The only "special meaning" it has is that Earth has a thick atmosphere and that a meteor can break into two pieces when sufficiently heated by the friction generated by passing through a gaseous medium.|||All it means is that the original meteor had enough velocity that air resistance had enough force to fracture the meteor into two pieces.

I have no idea if this has a meaning astrologically. It would be better if you looked at an astrological web site for that. Most astronomers are quite insulted when astrological questions are posted in Astronomy %26amp; Space. I'm not insulted. Astrology is fascinating. How many of those insulted amateur astronomers have an open enough mind to do some research of their own and find out that astrology has been extended to include Ceres, several large asteroids, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto? Personally, every meteor I see is a message from God and my parents for me|||It means that either a larger chunk of rock broke with the atmosphere and it looks like two different stars or maybe there was just two different pieces hitting earth at the same time and ou have impeccable timing.

If your looking for an omen meaning, them you might be in the wrong category|||For things about omens and the occult you should post your question on the Horoscopes forum instead, which is under the Entertainment section.

The meaning of what you saw is that you happened to spot two meteors entering the atmosphere at the same time in the same place, that's all.

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