Friday, December 2, 2011

What do different colored shooting glasses do?

brown, orange, violet, red, and most particularly, yellow.

I can understand dark shooting glasses helping on bright days, but what's the point of color shooting glasses? Personally, I prefer to have as little manipulation of my healthy vision as possible. Colored shooting glasses are more common than clear...

The fact that so most shooting glasses seem to be yellow gives me the impression that there's some sort of purpose to them... What is it?|||The biggest reason is yellow makes everything look brighter which if you've ever been trap shooting on a really cloudy day you'll know how much they help. Dark i would never use nor does anyone else on my trap team we all use yellow or clear and usually the guys using clear want to borrow our yellow ones. It's mostly a matter of personal preference but i would recommend yellow because it helps you keep your eye on the target.|||Amber or yellow shooting glasses takes the blue out of the scenery making everything a lot brighter.

I use them myself and when it is getting dark, you still have a bright background to see clearly. It even gets a little scary when you take the glasses off and it is dark out.

It brings the image of a deer out more clearly from the background (grasses and trees).|||each color made helps you see different things- like yellow- when i was on the trap team, a LOT of people used yellow glasses, it helps bring out the orange in the skeet

and colored shooting glasses are not more common than clear- i see clear ones all the time, i haven't seen a bunch of colored shooting glasses|||It is all a matter of personal preference. As far as colored lenses are concerned, I would say yellow and orange/amber are the most common. Yellow typically enhances color and brightness, whereas the orange/amber color is to cut down on glare.|||The different colors are basically for different lighting conditions

When shooting in competition you want every advantage you can get

Yellow glasses cut glare while giving clarity to objects|||Like the guy above me said, some colors allow you to see better in certain kinds of light. Other than that, a lot of it is just fashion.|||Yellow glasses tend to help you see better in low light situations, such as an indoor range. As for the other colors I have no more knowledge than what you said darker (brown) help on bright days.|||brown or Yellow|||may b it has got to do with colour blind testing,driving school also have

these colours to test their colour blind and eye sight.|||i would get brown and yellow

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