Friday, December 2, 2011

What happens in these kind of conditions while shooting a funny or a happy scene?

When like one actors mother or some other family member passes away and the other day he/she has to shoot a very funny or at least a happy scene. He/she can't change the date of shooting that scene,it's already scheduled.. What happes,does he/she shoot that scene or like they change the lines and put a sad scene to that day? How does it work?

Thanks|||They change the filming days. The dont make the actors show up if they just had a tragedy in there family. I hear a lot of stories of this happening on movie sets. It happened with johnny depp, his daughter got sick while he was filming a movie a couple of years ago, and they postponed the filming so he can be with his daughter|||They work through it.|||I'd think they just wouldn't show up for work. Like any other job. Personally, I wouldn't want to do a funny OR a sad scene if someone I knew had just died.

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