Friday, December 2, 2011

Sentence for shooting a police officer is higher than shooting a normal person?

I found out that by law, the sentence for shooting a police officer is much more severe than shooting a normal person. Do you think attempted murder on a police officer should be punished more severely than on normal person?|||Ethically, to attempt murder on a police officer is generally considered more severe, because of the motives that come with it.

From the government's perspective, these increased sentences and punishments are in the people's best interest. They serve as a deterrent to criminals. LEOs are a symbol of the government and maintain order. Its in the government's (and the people's) best interest, to preserve that order.

Its worth noting that almost everywhere, these "special" laws regarding LEOs are only in effect when the Officer is either in uniform, is operating in the line of duty, or has identified themselves as an Officer.

So basically, if you kill a stranger in a bar fight, and he/she turns out to be a Cop, you dont automatically get a higher sentence.|||Yes, they are here to protect "Your Life" and to serve our community and persevere our civil rights by keeping order . Question, everyone in the community has "civil rights" but would you die for that stranger rights knowing your family will be without you, well they do it everyday. So.. Again the answer is yes.|||In my opinion, Punishment should be equal. Attempt to murder on police officer will be in extreme situations only when the individual will be unnecessarily harassed by police beyond beyond the scope of Law of Land|||Yes.

When you shoot an officer you are commiting an offense against society itself.

Same goes for politicians, firefighters, etc|||I feel that legally %26amp; logically it should be the same except that the entire police force will turn that guy into a zombie!|||a life is a life no matter how you look at it. A police officer's life is no more or less valuable as a child's.

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