Friday, December 2, 2011

Can anybody offer some tips on shooting models outside in the woods?

I'm doing a photoshoot tommorow with two girls, and I'm completely new to photographing models. I did many self portraits before but never actually shot models. I'm doing this shoot outdoors at a local state forest. What tips can anyone offer when shooting models outdoors? Thanks!|||I like to use a bit of fill flash in the shade. Take an ambient light reading, and then close down the aperture about 1/2 a stop. Using TTL flash, this will make the models 1/2 stop brighter than the background, and gives the photo some more depth.

You HAVE to have an off camera sync cord and a diffuser, or the shots won't look good. On camera flash is never pretty.

Here's a shot of a tree, same concept, used 3 flashes with Nikon CLS to make it stand out from background:鈥?/a>

On the insect side, bring some Off and make sure to have everyone use it.|||Watch out for bugs, poison ivy, and animals. Hungry insects might find your models a tasty target as well. All of this is even more important if your models will be scantily clad or nude. Watch where you have them sit, stand, or what you have them lean against. A horde of angry wasps might destroy their composure, as might a charging bear.

Make sure you don't get lost.

If it's not very warm, and your models won't be wearing much, make sure you have warm things for them to wear between shots. Bring an assistant of the same sex as the models, to reassure your models and just to have a helping hand for whatever comes up. Make sure it isn't going to rain, or be fully prepared for rain if it comes. And follow all the precautions you'd normally follow when venturing into a forest.|||you know what to do thats not your problem.

your probably nervous. but one thing you have to keep in mind, is to act like you know exactly what your doing and YOUR in control. i was the same way with my cousins boyfriends band, but i got over it and i acted professional and not all "well if you stand right there, omg idk im confused!"

you gotta say "go stand right here, the light will hit your face perfectly"|||Do you have a reflector (and a stand) so you can control the light?

Tell them exactly what you want them to do--and how to pose.

This is good to read鈥?/a>

And this, too鈥?/a>|||best advice from me is be confident and creative

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