Thursday, November 24, 2011

How can I get better at shooting a basketball?

On average when I shoot around I make 8 out of 10 free throws and about the same on mid range jump shots. So practically everything goes in. On average I make about 2 out of 5 threes when shooting around. How or what can I do to improve my shooting?|||That is pretty good, but if you're asking for tips it says that maybe in game situations you get nervous?

Keep practising (if possible, against an opponent) try and imagine practise as a game. All my coaches (I am a Kinesiology major + speak from experience) have said to me, "How you practise shows in a game" - and this can apply to any sport.|||ummmmm free throws r easy, do like first try to not miss any, and then when it comes to 3 point shooting umm keep shooting, the moral of the story is KEEP SHOOOOTING no one knows ur shot better than u|||Form shooting is great (shooting w/o ur guide hand). Start close, and move back 3-4 feet after you feel you can make every shot. It is the best way to have better range and form.

Off dribble shots- Watch Kobe Bryant. He is the master of off-dribble shots in this era. The key is to be able to go full speed, then do a little 1-2 top step (just watch kobe and you'll understand) and shoot it. Ray Allen's fundamental jump shooting video explains it well and has some good drills.

Fantastic drill- Start at half court. Going full speed, make a lay up. Dribble as fast as you can back to half court, then pull up for a mid-range shot (be sure to either to the KB toe tap or a jump stop) and then hustle back the half court. Then do the same thing at the 3 point line. You should be nice and tired if you pushed yourself, and shoot 2 free throws. Repeat. (great conditioning workout if you do it 5-10 times)

Ghost- Shooting 3s or pull up 2s, have a miss be 2 points for a ghost and a make is 1 point for you. Play to 11 or 21.

3,2,1- Perform this drill in 7 spots (2 corners, 2 wings, left top, right top, and top) Shoot a 3, a pull up 2, and a lay up. A 3 is worth 3, a pull up is 2, and a lay up is 1. Max is 42, a good player should get atleast 25.|||You gotta practice and and choose 1 three point shot and do it over and over until your confident then move on|||well, if you have a brain like albert einstein you could calculate how much force you need the angle, etc. but if you're not, just aim for the white square in the middle of the backboard. it's a good idea to start by doing bank shots. also, try and shoot over something taller than you so you don't get intimidated and you can basically create your own shots|||when you shoot hold the ball between your ear an shoulder so your elbows facing straight down of your strong hand foot,feet shoulder width apart,get good bend in your legs,make sure every things straight on your shot,if you can jump,get more jump into it.follow through pointing towards the rim,up an over,get a lot of arch on your shot.shoot a lot of shots an you can get use to it.

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