Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shooting !!?

hi i want to get powerfull shots that goin hurt the goalkeepers hands ! i want to lace it ive been told but i dont know how i should approach the ball and were abouts to lace it (position on the ball)what weight training can i do?|||best thing to do mate is watch some vids of paul scholes steven gerrard wayne rooney frank lamps they all hit hard just watch and try to follow there teqnique|||Hi i am still a teenager and i can hit the ball v.hard.

I can break a fence if i hit the ball flat out.

The key is hit the ball in the center (at first) with ur laces.

have your toes facing down and ur foot tilted back abit about 10-20 degrees.

Though once you have semi mastered this technique adapted it to what feels good for you. it was i did.

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