Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ok I live in Australia and over here we have really stricked gun law's ever sinse the tasmania shooting few yrs back.. I would just like to say i am so sorry to those who lost loved onces in the shooting in the US at the uni yesterday!! But why does so much of this happen? It does go to show you that the world is indeed getting worse!! Any thoughts to share??? Do you think America needs stricker gun laws. I understand its in the american way to carry a gun and thats fine but why do people need to shoot one another%26gt;%26gt;??|||As a citizen from a country that just spent millions on outlawing most guns and passing extremely strict regulation on what few guns or left, you should be able to see how the guns are not what caused this. Wasn't there another mass shooting not long ago, after the strict laws went on the books?

This guy had been unbalanced for years. He showed every symptom of a psychopathic shooter. Gun control would not have stopped this. If he couldn't have gotten hold of a gun he would have used a bomb or poisoned the food supply or some other crazy thing. What this world needs is Nut control.

Maybe some better mental health laws that would make it easier to commit someone for examination for more than 24 hours.|||Yes, I believe America needs much stricter gun laws. I live in Australia as well so this sort of thing is not the norm, I have never seen any kind of real gun in my life other than on tv.|||Because We Have Emo people who need to quite acting like they cant handle their emotion. Everyone Can handle their emotion if they try hard enough, some people just want to act like babies and get attetion about it.|||I'm American (and female). I know very few people who own guns. So personally I don't think it is necessarily "the American way to carry a gun."

However, after this shooting I feel that I would like to purchase a gun and learn how to shoot to try and protect myself (and others) if God forbid I am ever in a situation like this.

I've seen bumper stickers that read "If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will carry guns." I believe there is a lot of truth to that statement.

I don't think that stricter guns laws are going to solve much. If a person is mentally unstable and desperate enough, they will find some other way to commit their heinous act.

I think some people are looking for someone to blame for their own personal misery.

You asked why do people need to shoot one another? Maybe we should ask those in Baghdad why they bomb each other.

There is just so much unnecessary hate in the world.

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