Saturday, November 19, 2011

What camera is best for shooting a music show?

I need a good camera fast lens for shooting a music show which can work in low light conditions, for example, music shows. I have a budget of 拢300. I can go higher if it is reasonable.

Thanks for your time.|||Low light isn't a camera issue - it's a lens deal. That money won't get you very much but if you buy a camera that will shoot at high ISO you can get your photos but they may be noisy.

My best suggestion, and you won't like this, would be a Canon Rebel XS with a 50mm lens.

Those two together are about $600 US - you can convert. This combination is excellent in low light.

But no video if that's what you're after.|||For close to your budget, I would think you'll be looking at second hand DSLRs and prime lenses.

I'd think perhaps a Nikon D70s and a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. This is a fast lens that is suitable for low light operation.

Shooting live events is more about skill, as lighting is uneven. You need to be very quick with metering, and probably expect to shoot a lot of it in manual mode, this is where the twin control wheels on the D70 comes in.|||music shows, concerts right? well the camera i use is Sony - Cyber-shot T99 14.1-Megapixel Digital Camera it takes great videos perfect sound and all i even have a video from a show i went to鈥?/a>

hope this helps|||check out at Amazon there are many good product at good price鈥?/a>

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