Thursday, November 24, 2011

What is the best method to shooting a sling shot?

I've had a sling shot for a while, but i was wondering if there was a way i could be more accurate with it.

My technique now, pull the band back straight up my right arm, try to get it as level as possible with what i'm shooting, and release.|||It depends on what kind of sling shot you have.

If you have one that is not just a straight shaft from the wishbone, but also has a arm stabilizer, use that by slipping your hand/wrist through it and grabbing the "handle" so you have the piece resting on your forearm.

And I like to pinch the projectile with the harness. This I feel gives it the best projection so it wont slip up or down.

But finally.. Try it!! its the most fun, and easiest way to learn!

-paintballs are fun to shoot with a sling shot, and it could be used in a "back yard" game as a side arm to feel totally bad@ss!|||I used to hold the yoke sideways and aim with the high fork and put the ammo pocket right on my temple @ eye level. Made some decent pigeon kills when I was younger.|||Try the other arm, and (seperately) the other eye.|||I did it the way chris does and I was a pretty mean shot too. I took a few rabbits with a sling shot. I would push the slingshot not pull the cord.

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