Thursday, November 24, 2011

How do killers get away with shooting and killing someone in public?

How is it even possible? Now the technology is very advanced and everything how do they get away with shooting someone down on public? Please provide information about DNA evidences and other traces and everything.

Please don't give me unnecessary answers like my previous questions were given..|||A proper answer to your question could go on for volumes. Lets just say that anyone who does something like that, in public, and gets away with it is more lucky then smart. Witnesses would be available and recordings of what went on can often be obtained from business security cameras and other sources. Any hope of getting off on the charges would rest with witnesses being so shocked or distracted that they couldn't give any info to help catch someone but the odds of that are slim to none.

When it comes to DNA, it doesn't tell the cops who did something. It is useless alone. What they need to make it valuable from an evidence standpoint is another DNA sample to compare it to. IF police were able to get a DNA sample from the murder scene (a cig butt, spit, blood....) and suspected YOU of the crime because of witness ID or some other factor, that DNA sample would be useless without something to compare it against. That would then allow them to say, with certainty, that you were or were not at the scene. If you were then THAT info, combined with a partial ID or witness statement would most likely link you to the crime. If all they had was a DNA sample, with no suspects to compare it against, it's useless as far as the investigation goes until they can link it to someone.|||The natural reaction to shots fired near you is to take cover. The innocent people on the street can be separated into two main groups usually. First you would have the victims, the second group would be the people too busy ducking for cover to notice what the shooter looks like.

According to the NY Post there was a "ride by" shooting in NYC recently ... the perpetrator rode a bicycle by a group of people and started shooting. I'd bet that people were either too busy ducking for cover or dying to get a good look at the shooter. The shooter obviously had no fear of an armed response to his crime ... HE WAS ON A BICYCLE! Of course ... that's NYC for you. The criminal fully armed and the law abiding public just out there like fish in a barrel.|||The next time you are out in the city. Glance at one person who is jogging away from you.

Imagine that person had just shot someone. Turn around and run the other way for half a block. (Someone just got shot, so you'd run away or duck for cover.)

Wait five minutes for the pretend police to arrive. Wait another five or ten minutes for them to get to you after they determine what happened and get an ambulance for the person who was shot. During that time, imagine that you had just seen something horrible. When the time is up, try to remember exactly what the person looked like.

Try to figure out how you would find that person.

To make a DNA match, we need two samples of DNA to compare. If the killer does leave DNA, we still need some DNA from that killer that we know is from the killer to compare it to.|||Smart criminals plan not to get caught. When I say smart criminals I do not mean common thugs, I mean organized criminals.

I once watched this movie where a criminal terrorized an entire neighborhood and no one in the neighborhood would ever say anything to the police. This is because the man had many people working under his chain of command who would use extortion and other tactics to make the people fearful.|||You want to kill someone and get away with it? Become a police officer, and say the person you shot was gonna pull a gun out of his pocket... its ok if it turns out to be a cell phone as long as you "felt" threatened.

Also plant some cocaine in his pockets

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