Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are some tips for an amateur photographer shooting family portraits?

I am shooting family portraits for a friend next week. I am looking for any helpful tips that others used that can be of aid to me. I will be shooting with a 70-300mm lens about 1-1.5 hrs before dusk (outside). I have no reflectors or other such equipment. Thank you for any help you can offer!|||you need something wider than a 70-300mm... that is too close...

you need something about 50mm or you'll have to stand WAY back...

you need some better light available, of a softened flash to help with fill-in light...|||If you will also be shooting group portraits (as opposed to portraits of individual family members), then I recommend also getting a wider lens (like 18-55mm), as it makes it easier to get group shots.

A tripod is good (especially if you want to come out in some of the photos).

1 hour before dusk is nice, but don't rule out taking pictures when there is more light (it's not like that is the only time when the light is nice.). There's no need to limit yourself that way (although avoiding high noon is probably a good idea when it is sunny). If you don't have enough light you'll need to use flash.

try to make your subjects relax (chat with them, smile, be encouraging, etc.)|||1) A tripod or a nice place to rest your camera firmly is almost must

2) Have the lowest ISO (100~200) why because

a) Since u have a 70-300mm lens u have to position the group a bit far say range 6-8metres away or more and u cant use flash as u also dont have reflectors

b) U have to keep the noise low and bokeh high

3) Tell the group to be steady for a moment even after the picture is taken as u'll have to use low shutter speed

4) Use low shutter speed...Range 1/5 secs to 1/50 secs depending on the light conditions or best set to aperture priority and set aperture to lowest...

5) If possible posituon the family in a well lit room... Bring lights/lamps from other rooms and keep it around so as to lighten up the area....

That's all i can think of now...

Practically 70-300mm isnt really a good lens for family portraits..but still

...|||I tell the group "No talking. Everyone look here." to get their attention because there's always someone who is trying to get someone else, maybe a kid, to cooperate. Take a lot of photos of each set up because the more you take the more likely you are to get one where nobody is in the middle of a blink.|||Don't shoot ugly families.

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