Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is the difference between shooting in B&W compared to colour and then transforming it to B&W?

Here's a question that I have wondered. Whats the difference in shooting in B%26amp;W compared to shooting in colour then making it B%26amp;W?

Say in a digital sense and in a film sense.|||I'll be quick now and answer more thorough later this evening.

In a film sense, B%26amp;W film will gives you much better contrast then shooting with color film and trying to process it (chemically) to be black and white. With film however, you'll want to probably use a filter (yellow, orange, red, etc) to achieve the look you want.

With Digital, it's actually better to always shoot in color. You can use something like Channel Mixer in Photoshop to yield a much better black and white image than the B%26amp;W setting on your camera. Plus, you'll still have the color version in case it is also useful. Desaturating an image to make it B%26amp;W is the easiest, but often the worst way to make an image B%26amp;W. I always shoot in RAW so I can decide if I want it in color or black and white and not have to worry about losing any information.|||Good question! I would like to know the answer to this too!

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