Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How can I increase my shooting percentage in a game?

When I practice, I generally have a much higher accuracy shooting the ball than when I am in a game. For some reason, when I'm in a game, my shooting percentage dramatically decreases? Why is that and how can I correct this?|||It's mental.

Really, this is perfectly normal. It takes experience, i.e. playing time to get used to the stress of an actual game situation.

There's nothing at stake in practice.

I find it's shot selection. It takes a certain amount of discipline to pass on low percentage shots, or shots where you're not square with good mechanics.

Personally, I would focus on good mechanics, and stay with the fundamentals.

Bigsby gave you some good tips on simulating defenders, and distraction. Maybe those will work.|||You should try to shoot more. If that doesn't work try to be a more confident shooter. shoot closer to the basket.|||DON'T MISS!!!|||Make more baskets.|||take better shot selections and dont force layups or shots.

when u have a wide open look, drain it. =D|||Increasing your shooting percentage

1. Play one on one with a teammate to simulate actual game scenario %26amp; execute your usual moves %26amp; shots

2. Still practice hundreds on shots a day (there's always room for improvement)

3. Continue to shoot no matter what, Shooting is both skill %26amp; a confidence thing

* Even an NBA player have games that he can't hit his usual shot %26amp; is struggling shooting the ball. But they are able to bounce back %26amp; show what they can do because they have 3 things: Proper mindset, skill %26amp; confidence.|||When you are practicing you are not being guarded that is why there is big disparity.

I am not sure if you've watched the movie "ABOVE THE RIM" when the guy practice his moves with and without the ball. I do the same thing, I practice my jab step, head fakes, fadeaways, hop step, and a mini jump hook when I practice. I do all the motions to ensure that I am simulating a real game. If you watch NBA players practice, they don't just shoot, they work on their footwork and then take the shot.

Here are some drills that might help you

1) Place chairs on the areas of the court that you like to shoot, dribble to those spots and try to simulate the game situation and take the shot

2) Have a friend carry a broomstick and hold it up while you are trying to move around it and shoot over it. That will simulate someone trying to block you. This will help your concentration.

3) Use some leg weights that you can buy in the sport store.This will simulate late game body conditioning and will increase your stamina

4) Use the glass when you are 6-10 feet away and while you are at an angle against the rim

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