Thursday, November 24, 2011

What is the legal age to take a shotgun to the shooting range to trap shoot?

I would like to know what the legal age is to take a shotgun to the shooting range to trap shoot would be? I live in indiana and do not know how to find this information out. If you could direct me to a website or just give me credatible information it would be great. Thanks!|||Your best bet, if you cannot get it directly from a nearby trap %26amp; skeet range, would be to contact your local law enforcement agency or the closest office of your state Game %26amp; Fish Authority. Website adress can be found under Indiana State gov. listings.|||If you're accompanied by an adult, it shouldn't be an issue. If it's you alone, it may be 18.|||I don't think there is a minimum age set forth for that in law... Some clubs may have individual regulations on age. You can take a shotgun (or rifle) in the woods unaccompanied at 16 if you're hunting.

I'd say 16 minimum *PROVIDED THEY CAN BE TRUSTED and are RESPONSIBLE in fire arm handling... At that age, you're able to drive yourself...I was never told otherwise at that age - then again I proved I was safe and responsible. Of course, the gun and ammo should be secured in the trunk. It may help to be an Amatuer Trapshooting Association membership, and have a membership card, to prove you're just a recreational sporting/competition shooter.|||My shotgun is less than a year old, but they allow it on the range.

(poorly worded question is asking how old the shotgun needs to be...)

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