Thursday, November 24, 2011

When someone commits suicide by shooting themself in the face what does that signify?

A 14 year old in my extended family committed suicide on Monday. He shot himself in the face. What is the significance to that? I know that different suicide styles mean different things (ie shooting themselves in the temple, shooting themselves in the mouth, shooting themselves in the chest etc). I just cannot find any resource on the net that explains the different meanings to suicide styles.|||There doesn't necessarily have to be any significance in it. They might have thought that it would be the fastest way for them to die without feeling pain.|||As one that has contemplated this many times I can say that there is no significance to how it is done. Suicide happens when the resources to deal with our current situation is not sufficient to deal with the problems we have. When a person gives up all hope. Method of execution is insignificant.|||Well, most likely he did not intend to do it this way, I think he was experimenting with the gun then it fired. When someone want to suicide he normally rehears the act for a couple of time before he acutely do it.|||suicide is suicide - people end up taking that road when they don't know what life's about and they are not willing to 'try' like everyone else.. I don't think it matters how a person does's 'why' they do it|||either way.. he was in deep emotional pain. rip.

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