Thursday, November 24, 2011

How do you get power for shooting a basketball above your head?

I am getting a new form like nba players so How do you get power for shooting a basketball above your head?|||Before I tell you, I should let you know that it's not all about shooting above your head. A good form is a proper jump shot that you can perform every time you get a good look. But if you are dying to shoot overhead, what really helps the most (aside from your legs) is your height. The taller you are, the easier it is to shoot over head, but if you are 6'0 or shorter than you probably want to work out and get stronger. The stronger you are the more power you will get, also your shooting range will gradually improve. Also, you should start by shooting overhead close to the basket then slowly work yourself to the three point line. So let me summarize it:

1. Use your height to your advantage.

2. Work out at the gym to get more power in your arms and your legs.

3. Start shooting close to the basket and slowly work your self to the three point line ( to get the flow of the jump shot)

4. Never chuck the ball to get more power, always be steady and use the same jumper from any distance, whether your shooting a free throw line jumper or a three pointer, your jump shot should always look the same.

5. Your jump height is an important factor in shooting over head. But you don't necessarily need to jump high to get a good jump shot. Take a look at Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks.|||Practice, and power .

You need to practice , because you'll never improve unless your practice!

You need power , because you need to have enough power to be able to throw the ball some distance.

Work out, exercise, and keep practicing. and well for the form , legs flat on the ground, get the ball above your head , and then "stretch" your arm out with force, making your ball going either up in the air, to forward .

Hope that helped !|||SAME ANSWER ABOVE


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