Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How can i get the right technique for shooting with my left foot?

My technique is really bad, i cant seem to get the right shooting/ crossing technique. Please help! When ever i kick the ball it curves(i dont want it) and i dont seem to be able to keep my foot pointing down on a laces shot|||keep using it you are going to find out.

you need to practice more so you will know what your doing|||well to tell u the truth ... its not ur left foot thats the problem...its ur right foot. ur right foot isnt used to balancing while ur kicking therefore ur kick will be curved or w/e. this is wat the highskewl coach told me wen i asked him why. just keep trying to build up balance in ur left foot...|||Practice until you feel like your foot is going to fall off. It is all about muscle memory. The best way to gain the memory is work yourself close to exhaustion and let the motion become fluid so that it feels natural and you are not consciously thinking about what you are doing.|||Like the person above me said practice, practice and practice some more. If you have like any type of wall you can use knock the ball against the wall, trap it, kick it again until you are comfortable with both feet.

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