Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How often can you go shooting without hearing protection before permanant hearing damage takes place?

I often go shooting for sport and self defense training. I know that it is valuable to occasionally shoot your firearm without hearing protection for real life training scenarios. But how often is too much? I do it about twice a year without hearing protection. Is even this infrequent exposure doing irreversible damage to my hearing or not?|||I guess it would depend on how long you are at the range.

Twice a year is not bad, it's the amount of time you spent there.

I used to work in a machine shop and always wore ear protection. we took hearing tests every year and some guys had a slight hearing loss after only a year.

For your protection, if you plan on being there, lets say for 3 hours, you might want to split your time in half.

1 1/2 hrs with protection, 1 1/2 without.

Hope this answers your question

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