Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to calm down after shooting a wedding?

I've just started shooting weddings on my own and have done three so far. What is the best way to calm my nerves after the wedding? I am 10x more nervous afterwards than beforehand. I worry to death that the bride and groom won't like the pictures.

Any advice from pros?|||Calmness will come with time and confidence.|||After the wedding you do have reason to worry... a lot of the work is still to come, but it is much more relaxing. After a wedding I usually go straight home and relax with a nice beer. Then off to bed and everything is nice and sweet. Lear about wedding more and you will be much more relaxed. See the Wedding Photography Tips of my website.

Michael|||Oh I thought you went to a wedding and shot it up with a automatic weapon but now I don't have any advice to give since you meant taking pictures.|||Maybe you could show them a digital one first, before going through with all the expensive-esposure stuff, so that they can agree they are good enough first (?)|||Valium|||take a day out and relax after the shoot before you start on the post processing...

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