Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do I get better at shooting a basketball?

What shots should I do to get better at shooting. I know the technique to shoot the ball, but I'm wondering how I can make more of my shots. What types of drills should I do? Should I practice my shots like I do free throws(thats the only shot I can make over 75 percent consistently)? Any tips would be helpful.|||"envision your hand going into the basket"......that is how Michael Jordan shot. That is how Kobe Bryant shoots. That is how I shoot. ( I average around 19 ppg.)....................(use good form at the same time btw.........let the ball slide off your fingertips so you have back-spin. Good luck.|||get a skills coach.

you shoot 75 % from the free throw line... i bet you are lying.

half the guys in college and NBA dont shoot that good at the free throws.

shoot 100 free throws tomorrow. dont cheat. tell me how many you make. i say it will be about 45. its a dare|||practice go to clinics that's what i did and i'm 10 times better|||improve Your Shooting with a Basketball Shooting Video

Repetition is the key to improving your shooting. There are many basketball shooting videos out there to help you with technique. But no basketball video can make you go outside and shoot 1,000 shots a day. If you need help with your technique, find a shooting video that can instruct you on how to fine-tune your shot. After honing your technique, get a ball and a hoop and shoot, shoot, shoot. Larry Bird said that when he was young, he would shoot over 1,000 shots a day, from all over the court. That worked pretty well for him, wouldn't you say? If you want to improve your shooting, practice, practice, practice.|||On my team we do drills called all around the world. What ou do is you shoot at one side oft the goal and go all thee way around. If you miss you start over. Maybe watching more basketball games could help.|||shoot each shot the same way fundamental are the key yes you should practice each shot till you can hit at least 98% of the time|||Get a better rifle it would help|||I'd say, practice the principles of basketball shooting in Physics. Though it may be a repulsive idea, you would definitely be able to improve your ability to make a shot by 75%

Otherwise, ask an experienced person the most proper and comfortable position of shooting the ball. That would be better, wouldn't it?|||get pistol pete maravich's workout basketball tapes....all you need to know about shooting and ballhandling is there|||Have that ball in your hands as much as you can stand it. Try different ways to hold the ball when you shoot and really analyze your shot. Try shooting from above the head, below the head, off balance, one handed, both handed, opposite handed, etc. Make that ball feel like it's part of you. I had a college player show me how he shot when I was real young. It gave me inspiration I guess. It helped me get a lot better.|||We aint talkin bout the game we talkin bout practice.

PRACTICE|||practice practice practice|||just practice a couple of hours a day shootin hoops and you will get better and better b/c thats what i did and i got pretty damn good at it too.

Good luck

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