Saturday, November 19, 2011

In the movies, while shooting a mirror, the cameraman and the camera cannot be seen. How is it possible?

We have seen in lot of movie scenes in which the actress is looking herself in a mirror. But, I always wondered how is it possible to hide the cameraman and the camera who is shooting the scene. Any ideas?|||Because the camera is off to the side of the actress, and the mirror is angled so the you see the actor in the mirror. And, when the actress looks directly at the camera in the mirror or points a gun directly at the camera in the mirror it appears as though you are the actress looking directly into the mirror or pointing the gun straight at the mirror. If the camera is far behind the actress, you can minimize the angle that the mirror is tilted so that it is not noticable in the picture.

Try it with a friend in your own home.

.|||Ususally at a very narrow angle. If not, and the shot is dead straight, they'll usually use a body double facing the real actor (best example is Terminator 2 w/Linda Hamilton and her twin sister. They show it being done in the bonus DVD.), or edit the camera man out of the video.

鈫?Jacknife|||They angle the cam a certain way so you don't see it or they use different edits of the scenes.|||Editing or trick photography|||Different angles.|||they obviously edit it.

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