Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do I improve my shooting in basketball?

I usually shoot very well in practice, quite accurately. But when it comes to games, my shot goes off. What do u reccomend me to do and what should i do? I usually play the shooting guard position.|||well if you shoot weel in practice then your form should be fine jus make sure you dont get lazy .. KEEP THAT ELBOW IN !..

but when your in a game you have to believe your the best player on the court .. everytime you step foot on that court your the best player out there

keep your confidence high and you shoulder have a break out performance|||When I played I was taught to bend my knees and shoot with feet at a 45 degree angle to basket. You may be doing good in practice but get tight and nervous in games. Loosen up and just try to have fun in the game like you are playing in your back yard or with your friends or at practice. Don't think of it as a game stay loose and have as much fun as possible.|||That had happened to me too. I had always wondered what was going on. This is what i did and it worked: I practiced 1-on-1 with someone a lot better than me and told him to play up on me. It helps you deal with pressure. Then when you get better with 1-on-1 move up to 2-on-2 and so on so you'll get a feel of more players on the court. And don't drive in, always get that pressure shot in so you'll get used to it.|||This is a common problem for ball players to have. However, the solution is simple. Practice like you play. You might be able to work on fundamentals and your form at a 1/2 pace speed, but in a game, everything is faster. If you practice cutting hard, catching the ball and squaring up, and pretending you have a defender infornt of you, then you will have an easier time in the game.|||Sounds like the defense is getting to you.

Have a friend keep a hand in front of you in practice while you shoot a bunch of shots. See if that helps.|||thre are many cases like that. there are people who are good in practice but pale in actual game.

but for me i got an advice for that.i know you are quite nervous during games didn't you???

well try to calm down and think that you can do it.

just play like what you are doing in practice and i'm sure you will im oprove your skill.

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