Saturday, November 19, 2011

What are the laws on shooting someone entering your home uninvited and harmful to you and your family?

I legally own firearms and have them in my home. I know that the trespasser has to have a weapon and that you can't shoot them in the back. But are some more laws about shooting someone in your house if they are a threat?|||It depends on what state you live in, Like in Texas if you feel like the person Is trying to harm you can shoot them, and you won't be charged. But in Louisiana you're supposed to do everything you can to keep from shooting them (i.e. calling 911, hitting them with some object, etc.) I'd check out your state laws if I were you.|||Self defense laws differ in every state, but one common theme is that a person can use deadly force if they, or a third person, are in immediate danger of having deadly force used upon them. In other words, if someone is about to shoot your friend in the face, you can use deadly force to prevent the murder of your friend. Once the threat of deadly force is gone, you can no longer use deadly force yourself. So, someone points the gun at your friend, you stab the guy in the arm and he drops the gun. Your buddy picks up the gun and the would-be attacker is on the ground holding his arm and yelling that he gives up. The threat of deadly force is gone, so your right to to use it in defense is also now gone.

There also must be an objectively reasonable belief that this is occurring. In other words, an outside party reviewing the case would agree that deadly force was about to be used. That way you can't just walk up to a random person, shoot someone in the face and say "Oh, I thought he had a gun"...well, you could do it, but it would not be justified.|||You would really have to call the cops and ask a general question on "what the law is?"...or call a defense attorney...As you know the defense attorney will charge by the hour. I did NOT know the trespasser had to have a weapon??? If he is trespassing and you have signs up...well, you need to call the cops and ask. Sorry, could not be of much help.|||they don't have to have a weapon, you can't interview them before you shoot, and shooting in the back just means they twisted or turned as you shot, anyone in your house illegally can be shot if they have broken in especially as you would not know if he was alone.|||Depends on what state you're in.

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