Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do I keep my shooting hand from moving?

I just started to practice shooting the proper way. But when i shoot my shooting hand keeps moving in different direction making my shot very inaccurate. Any tips on trying to keep my shooting hand stabilized?|||Use the non-shooting hand to guide the ball. Also strengthen both arms so that they are more stable.|||IT mater what gun your using if it's a hand gun try a proper kneeling position an it will bee alot more stable!

If it's a rifle try shooting prone if you are still having trouble try using some thing to support you!

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|||Quick release.|||keep on trying to keep ur hand still. If you want to have good form then get like a plastic circle around the size of a paper plate and put it in ur non shooting hand. Then all you have to do is keep ur shooting hand straight to keep it from moving. my coach did that for some people to keep there shooting hand straight.|||loose the guide hand and do form shooting only. Really work on proper technique and shoot 1-2 hours a day, every day for 1-2 weeks. After that, add a guide hand and your shot will be a lot smoother and accurate. I tend to work on shooting 3 hours a day, plus an hour of lay ups, an hour of ball handling, and an hour of strength or vertical training. Ask me if you want any other tips.|||you need to make fluid motions. once you set up a shot, take a continuous and straight shot with one motion. you're probably over thinking it right now and that's throwing off your fluidity.|||keep ur shooting elbow in and use ur fingertips not ur palm...this helped me :)

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