Saturday, November 19, 2011

How much trouble would you get in for shooting someone with a 350 fps air rifle?

Just bought a pellet rifle that is not really for shooting animals but for target shooting and stuff like that. Anyways how much trouble would you get in for shooting someone about 10 yards away with 350 fps diasy bb's? I know some airsoft guns shoot that much but the difference is these are metal.|||If you point your toy at the wrong person, who might be a CCW holder, and who also might think he's got a little twit pointing a real gun at him, you might end up dead, or worse.|||a friend will get mad, a neighbor will sue, and if used maliciously its felony assault or assault with a deadly weapon.

if this was a real gun its not too hard for a little whoops to be involuntary manslaughter or attempted murder. there's only a few cases o people accidentally shooting someone else and not go to jail for it. mostly a family member or a close friend.

part of owning a projectile weapon is taking responsibility for your own actions, and with guns most of the time "sorry" just doesn't cut it. You have to be careful and accidental, negligent discharges or shooting is just like you never want to hit someone with your car by accident.

included are airsoft guns,paintball guns, nerf guns and in some areas, water guns. don't soak someone with a water gun for a prank, it may be illegal. Some kind in my city got arrested for felony assault or shooting a few paintballs at someone's car (from a moving vehicle to another moving vehicle). prank or not, even if both parties agree with it as a prank and want to dismiss, the law can still come down hard.|||If you shot me I would kick your a$s. maybe that would not satisfy me and the air rifle could be shoved up your.......

It varies with the individual,some may merely call the police and if you shot me you will wish that I did.|||Depends if the person you shoot with it, takes it away from you, and beats the snot out of you with it.|||it depends on who you shot and how much it penitrates. a frind will get mad, a nabor will sue. 350 fps is about enough to shoot through a coke can. so unless ur playing airsoft, just dont do it|||Most states/localities call that assault with a deadly weapon.

You don't want that on your rap sheet.|||I would hope that you got your a$$ well tanned at a minimum. If you got unlucky and it killed the person, you would be looking at some serious jail time.|||Could be simple assault or attempted murder depending on where you live.

You should be more afraid of someone with a concealed weapon shooting your butt.|||Most likely it would be considered assault with a deadly weapon. That's a felony, so I'm thinking a lot of trouble.|||This is why the have gun laws little shits like you, you shouldnt be asking this question, you shouldnt even have a rifle.|||depends on how bad they beat your a** afterwords. question should have been "how many teeth will i loose if i shoot someone with a 350 fps air rifle?"|||Depends who you shot, I guess. I know what kind of trouble you'd be in if it was me that you shot!!|||Maybe you should try it on a police officer and find out.|||...a nice big slug of chlorine in the gene pool..... ahhhhhhh I knew today was better than it seemed.|||what did you do now?

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