Saturday, November 19, 2011

What is the best way for a basketball shooting guard to rapidly improve?

I have been playing for about 3 months and in that time have developed proper shooting technique, but i'm not as accurate as I would like to be. I shoot about 60% from the free throw line, which I know is unsatisfactory. I need to know ways in which I can improve both at shooting, and as a shooting guard in general.|||Practice practice practice|||become a gym rat. go to playgrounds, gyms, wherever there's a net and just practice. dont just shoot but concentrate on ur form and run drills for yourself. but, u have to practice a lot. everyday... for a few months...|||Free Throw issue?...No issue....Just shoot 100 free throws for ever practice session...You will sure to improve....

1) You must establish a comfortable standing posture.

2) Use your master/shooting hand place slightly behind the ball with your the other supporting the ball.

3) bounce the ball a few times to warm up your hands.

4) Look at the rim..shoot the ball.

5) "Chop" (sounds) have score a free throw.|||Besides practicing proper form and your overall shot, you should learn to move without the ball. Learn how to get open, move off picks and make it easier for your teammates to pass the ball to you. Two great players off the ball are Rip Hamilton and Reggie Miller, watch some old game tapes and you will be sure to learn a lot.|||i assume you already know how to shoot and good at it or atleast still working on it. the next thing to do is to practice moving w/o a ball.. know where you should be and where you are confident to make a shot.|||bend those knees.... face the rim squarely....|||repititon baby the more you practice the better you will become. trainers,coaches etc. will tell people its technique.thats a lie.You can have a ugly form of shooting like Reggie Miller,but have a sweet stroke form anywhere on the floor!|||All I can say is to practice.

I have a personalsuccess story.

I wa never good at free throws and I play point guard but over this current summer, for about 1.5 weeks every time I practice I start off with 100 free throws. My first session:53 latestt session:77 made.

In less than 2 weeks I have improved over 20% free throw shooting.

100 free throws per session helps a ton...good luck|||practices your hANDLES AND OUTSIDE SHOT.

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