Saturday, November 19, 2011

What do you think of people shooting up photos of people with guns and airsoft guns?

I bought an M pop magazine that had photos of celebs I hate. And i'm going to shoot up their photos with my airsoft guns and throwing knives. I even have a life size JB poster I'm gonna shoot tomorow..

What do you think of shooting photographs of people u hate?|||It's normal. It's the same like teenage girls drawing mustaches, horns, and other stuff on photos of female celebs or other girls they don't like. It's all target practice. Best thing to do is to make a catch tray for the bbs though, that way there's no mess. There are plenty of ideas for home made targets here:

A life-size poster of JB would probably sell to some tween online though. I'd rather make money off that.|||That's probably the first step the kids from Columbine took. Next will be birds and squirrels. Then you'll sacrifice the neighbors cat. Then you'll be bringing a TEC-9 to school/work.|||they are under commando training :)|||You need therapy.

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