Saturday, November 19, 2011

What does a shooting pain in your hand mean?

I am a very healthy teenager who has suddenly experienced an on and off shooting pain in my hand. It is quite random( no certain movement triggers it) and has been going on all day. It is annoying and is uncomfortable to deal with. Someone said it might be the fact that I have recently started rock climbing. Any suggestions for the cause and/or a remedy? Thanks!|||see an orthopedic doctor, it can be carpal tunnel syndrome.

are you experiencing any numbess and/or tingling in your fingers? is it waking up you at night at all?|||You may have stressed the radial or ulnar nerves in the wrist.The same nerves that are responsible for "Carpal Tunnel" Syndrome. When you stress the wrist, and the "tunnel" where the nerves and blood vessels pass through to supply the hand,that small circle of tendon will swell from irritation,causing pain numbness,pressure pain and weakness when using the hand,especially under stress.The treatment includes ,resting the affected wrist applying a "cold pack" elevation,support using a wrist splint or ace bandage,Using Ibuprofen to ease swelling and pain etc. If this continues,after trying this at home treatment,you should see your MD,to rule out CTS. Take care. SW RNP|||Shooting pains should be examined by a Dr... especially if you just started rock climbing.

It could be a pinched nerve.

Many things can pinch a nerve or cut off the blood supply to that nerve.

Most likely you have just started using muscles in a way they haven't been used and without proper cool downs and warm ups your muscles could get tight and cause pains or pinch nerves and blood vessels.

If it isn't a nerve, it could be a trigger point which is a hyper contracted muscle fiber that refers pain into another part of the body.

See a massage therapist. They can help you out or at least refer you to the right person who can help you.

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