Saturday, November 19, 2011

What is the typical schedule for TV actors while shooting?

I don't need too much detail - I just want to know like when they have to get up, start shooting, when is lunch, do they get breaks, etc. Any info would be nice!

If you could explain the differences between TV and movie actors' schedules (besides the amount of time shooting, and the way TV actors always shoot at the same time) that would be amazing.

Thanks!|||you have to get up about five am and be on the set by seven, they feed actors well during shooting, breakfast is ready when you get there, lunch is served at noon, you spend most of the day waiting to be called while they are getting everything ready, since most tv shows are really short movies, the schedules are pretty much the same. Soaps are different in that they get there at six am, rehearse and work until shooting time then tape it for broadcast, it is really tough work.|||It's really long hours. You often have to get there as early as 5 am to get started with hair and makeup.

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