Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to release the guide hand when shooting a basketball?

Don't tell me that I need to work on form shooting. I have done that countless times and it doesn't work. Tell me how to release the guide hand when shooting a basketball. I already know I am suppose to shoot with one hand. Just tell me how to get my left hand off of the basketball when I am shooting.|||don't listen to any varsity players. they only know what their coach teaches them. they have no outside knowledge. just release your hand gently. don't force anything.|||Make sure your guide hand is only guiding. In other words use it for support so you don't drop the ball while shooting, hold the ball very lightly with your left hand making sure not to use it to push the ball into the air. If you make sure to do this the ball should just slide past your guide hand on its way to the hoop.|||You don't really release the guide hand. You release the shooting hand. The guiding hand only remains helpful until you release the ball. In the act of releasing, the guide hand should be irrelevant.|||1. You can't really coach shooting unless you personally watch the jump shot. Ask a basketball coach in person.

2. It doesn't really matter if your form is perfect. If it goes in, don't worry about it.

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