Saturday, November 19, 2011

In Alaska, where is it legal to shoot guns and rifles besides a shooting range?

I want to go shooting this weekend, and I'd rather find someplace outdoors to go shoot instead of paying somebody to let me shoot indoors.|||In Alaska you can shoot any where you want except; within city limits, National Parks, Preserves, off any public roadway or private property with out permission.

Basically the best place to shoot would be on state land, BLM land or national forest.

And instead of getting out maps and trying to find a spot, just call the Alaska State Troopers. They are nice folks and would be able to recommend a place near you to target practice.

Wow some wacky answers! First of all Alaska does NOT require any license to own or use a firearm. You don鈥檛 have to have a hunting license to target shoot. ALL National parks are off limits to firearms period! Alaska has few laws to restrict gun ownership and use. You can carry a concealed firearm here with no permit.

All you have to do is drive out of town to state owned land or National Forest and shoot all you want as long as you are away from any highway.

But again if you just call the State Troopers they will know a place near you and save you all the hassle. Or you can call the local fish and game. They like people asking as they tire of people shooting in the wrong areas.

Gets me how people who dont even live here think they know it all! Jezzzzzz!|||Any shooting is legal outside city limits, off private property not your own or without permission, and 1/2 mile away from any road.|||Usually there are laws against shooting within a cities limits. Check with the DNR for legal hunting areas, these areas may also have regulations against rifles and handguns (shotgun only). Any store that sells hunting supplies will have a free booklet showing you the zone restrictions.

Does'nt matter why you are shooting the laws are there to protect the public from stray shoots. The laws apply to all people shooting firearms and you still may be required to have a small game license. They want to make sure your not a poacher.|||My guess would be somewhere that isn't private property, and isn't anywhere near civilization. When we lived on an Air Force Base there, they had a rule that you could not fire a gun anywhere besides a range since there are too many people, and you had to hunt with a bow and arrow.

For target shooting, I'd think the same applies. Just be careful not to be anywhere near people, and watch out for those endangered animals. :p

Like a person below me said, you should be able to get a booklet.|||in alaska, theres many non-endangered species. if your hunting them, get a hunting lisence first. otherwise, its illegal.|||sure is. all you have to do is ask a private property owner if they will let you shoot, and that you are not hunting, just range shooting. or you could contact a park person, and see where the public range is.

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